PIE In The Face Challenge

WFTM Pie Graphic

At the 20th Annual Walk for the Mind, two-time brain tumor survivor Mark Alig challenged participants to complete their piece of the pie challenge.  Mark explained as he became more involved in the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind, he thought about Mark Linder’s message and goals for this organization.  To Mark Alig, Mark Linder represented P.I.E.- Passion. Inspiration. Energy. Passion for creating an organization to raise awareness for those affected by brain tumors and brain cancer. Inspiration for striving to make sure that no one receiving this diagnosis would be ever feel alone and used his influence to motivate others to get involved in his mission. Energy to create the Walk for the Mind, an organization for all survivors and their loved ones to raise awareness of brain tumors/brain cancer and raise funds for research.

Mark Alig took a literal pie to the face then issued a call to action for all those impacted by brain tumors, brain cancer and supporting the Walk for the Mind to find how they can contribute to the pie.  He encouraged everyone to take on the PIE challenge. To do the PIE challenge, he asked you to find how to use your passion. your inspiration, and your energy to support the Walk for the Mind to grow. It’s as easy as taking a pie to the face and helping us raise awareness of the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind and brain tumors/brain cancer.  Don’t forget to issue the challenge to someone else to help us grow and spread more awareness.

Brain tumor survivor Zita Cronkleton heard Mark Alig’s call to action and hit the ground running.  Zita is a 7th grader at Morton Junior High. She convinced 13 teachers to take pies to their faces from students as part of a fundraiser to raise awareness of brain tumors and the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind. Zita exemplifies everything the PIE challenge is all about.  She is passionate about raising awareness of brain tumors.  She is inspiration as a survivor herself and she is using that platform to influence others to find ways in which they too can help our cause.  And Zita is bringing an enormous amount of energy to her fight.  In this fundraiser, she raised $5,000 for the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind, but if you ask her, she will tell you she is just getting started.

So the question for each of you is, have you found your piece of the PIE? Are you ready to take on the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind PIE challenge to raise brain tumor awareness?

It is easy to participate: Simply take photos or videos of taking a PIE in the face.  Post your videos & photos on your social media page. Please tag the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind and all those you challenge to join you.

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