Clays for Gray


Join us and shoot down Brain Tumors/Cancer! 

You are invited to be a sponsor for a Trap Shoot event supporting brain tumor awareness and brain tumor research, through the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind.Join us for our third annual “Clays for Gray” event in June 2024.


2023’s event raised over $15,750 and will be a part of a larger donation to the University of Illinois College of Medicine – UICOMP..  All money raised by the organization is kept local for brain tumor research.


If you are interested in Sponsoring our “Clays for Gray” event, please consider being:

  • An In-Kind Sponsor
  • A Financial Sponsor
  • Financial & Team Sponsor – ($1000 – includes name/logo on yard sign at event, name/logo on t-shirt, name mentioned at event, and 5 shooters at event)
  • Team Sponsor – $500,- includes (5) Shooters at the event – Friends or Employees – (team building or thank you) – does not include any logos

All proceeds are provided to Mark Linder Walk for the Mind in support of brain cancer/tumor research. 


Please contact Brenda or Vicki with any questions.

Brenda Hunter  309-645-3687 

Vicki Rocke   PH 309-922-1762


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