Ideas for Fundraising

Ideas for fundraisers –

  1. Invite friends and family to make a $5 donation or more for every mile you run this month.
  2. Get your company to be a sponsor for the Walk for the Mind or to match your fundraiser. Maybe hold a fundraiser at work. (Bake Sale, Crafts, etc.)
  3. Have a card workshop, craft day, or a paint night.
  4. Challenge your kids and family to a reading competition to raise funds. This can involve the whole family and even friends.
  5. Ask friends to donate money for the number of workouts you do in May, or the days you went without junk food, sugar, etc.
  6. Set up a Facebook fundraiser and ask for donations. Share your story and add photos. Include the link so others can donate in your name or team.
  7. Partner with a local restaurant to host a “Dine and Donate” event.
  8. Make a donation and collect donations to join the fight.
  9. Attend exercise class and collect donations.
  10. Organize a cake hop.
  11. Do chores or errands for family, friends for a donation.
  12. Collect donations for miles or steps that you accomplish while hiking.
  13. Get donations for miles while bicycling for the month of May.
  14. Organize a Jenga competition, chess competition, horseshoes or trivia competition.
  15. Have a Bags contest.
  16. Hold a lemonade/smoothie stand on weekends or after school.
  17. Donate $10 for each strike you make while bowling.

If you need more ideas, or help with fundraising as a team, contact us at