About Us

The Walk for the Mind was created in 2003 after our founder Mark Linder was first diagnosed with a brain tumor. After his diagnosis, Mark had never met any with a brain tumor. He felt alone and did not know where to go for support.  Inspired by this, he wanted to create an annual charity walk to raise awareness of brain tumors, support for those affected by brain tumors and funds.


Those three purposes remain our mission 21 years later. We strive to raise awareness for all types of brain tumors- cancerous and non-cancerous. We raise funds for local brain tumor research so that the community that is raising the funds benefits directly from the research. Perhaps, most importantly, we work to create a community of support among brain tumor survivors and the loved ones of those affected so that no one will ever feel alone.


The Mark Linder Walk for the Mind is an Illinois non-profit corporation. We are tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

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