Becky Morgan

Becky Morgan

becky morgan 2013

A debilitating migraine led me to the emergency room.  The MRI showed a small tumor – a meningioma – behind my nasal cavity.  The doctors surmised that due to the location and type of brain tumor, it did not cause the migraine; it was purely coincidental.

I remember the doctor being kind and sensitive and not simply blurting out that I had a brain tumor.  He said they noticed an abnormal growth … and it was awhile before he even said the word “tumor”.  When he finally did, I was shocked and numb and confused.  He needed to confer with other doctors, but he was almost certain that this tumor was benign (which it was).  As I learned later, most meningiomas are benign.

They kept close tabs on the tumor growth with MRIs every three or six months.  It was growing but at a slow rate.  Another year passed and the tumor had a growth spurt.  It was large enough that if it had another growth spurt, it would have to be removed via a craniotomy.  Instead of waiting to see if the tumor had the growth spurt, I wanted to do what I could to stop it from growing.  For that reason I opted for the non-invasive treatment:  gamma knife radiosurgery. 

My gamma knife radiosurgery was two years ago, and the MRIs since then have been good – showing no additional growth.  The only medication I’m on is for seizures, which is attributed to the tumor.

The Mark Linder Walk for the Mind has been a God send.  It brings me close to people who are fighting this same fight; I am not alone on this journey.