Doris Williams

Doris Kay Williams

Doris Kay Williams / as written by Doris Kay

I have had two brain tumors in the left temporal area first part of 2000 then in 2014. I have been fortunate in many ways. With chemo and the type of new radiation in 2014 for Brain tumors. My family and friends have been through a lot I have been told. I love each and everyone! Thanks for being supportive not only for myself but many very Many with Brain Tumors… They each go through much more than one knows until it hits your life. I have learned so much very experience, education especially current that is being well needed. The Doctors, Nurses, and many more learn so much about the brain. They have learned a lot from all their patents. Many Blessings indeed. God helps us all through this why better than any medicine. I know I have experienced that God is with you and me. Prayers are needed always. Very helpful in many ways. Also, being a RN there were things I did not know until it hit home…yes, one day had head pain all day and a very Professional ER Dr I was working with said if you still have that tomorrow come in and let’s do a CT. At that time MRI was not done yet. When they did the CAT of my head they found my first brain tumor. I ended up with a surgery of my brain…unable in 2014 to remove all as happens to us whom have a brain tumor. Oh, how fortunate I have had…with the surgeons. The other places were going to due it differently. I am still alive : ) you see that was also due to insurance at that time the only coverage that could be received. I know it was suppose to be. The brain surgeon I received was the one that did surgery on one of our Presidents of the U.S.A. Talk about excellent Drs he is/was with our much thankfulness to many in Peoria ,IL. There is something that is so important to mention…even thee close one to you might not understand as well as need be due to the brain tumor Does Not show this part…the physical change of your brain. With a broken bone for instance is seen. With the brain not all occurrences can be seen. As a patient it’s I’m not making this up why why why don’t they believe me and cure me. Well, it is not seen. Lots of symptoms can occur with no knowledge only the person it is happening to. I would go to the Dr or ER and nothing against them but it’s the brains causes physical problems. For me lots of different circumstances..lately this…unable to sleep for two days or more(now this to me sounds like the part of the brain causes this but not able to see) the reason why no sleep is one horrid dream after another awake with a cure then it’s back to horrible again and again…this leads into other symptoms…last time seizure activity that having them I knew would get worse so called for help! I always get it from excellent staff at the SMMC in Galesburg. You see I’m also besides seizure…talking uncontrollable, increase nausea( and it is true some people do not vomit when having nausea ) lots of dizziness the type with movement, and many more who would like taking care of a patient like this…I always thought oh,just carried away…this patient…Until I have it…from the good ol’ brain tumor walking into my life and involving others. Okay, I let it out…maybe a long story but one I felt the need to let out. Hopefully not only me but for many others…I read my own history with surprise this started with my first brain tumor I got…so I’m praying this is very helpful to all whom read this..right? Hope so…always a farm girl always a Nurse and always a Brain Tumor